Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I feel so sleepy rite now..but still keen to type a few lines of stories for today.. i went to the clinic again today, to register as a mom-t0-be and have a few normal check-up. my hubby accompanied me to the clinic, since this is my first time going there..i mean the maternity section..first, they checked my urine, which i pee this morning into a small 50 cent hubby and i went to the 100 % store last nite, just to find this container..

The nurses were quite nice to me, especially when one of the nurses who checked on me recognized me as a daughter of their chief...who have been dad is famous in the clinic...they gave me lots of advices, and checked on my blood, abdomen, eyes and not forgotten..the breasts..from now on, i might need to throw away the feeling of embarrassed..huhu..

since the blood machine had problem, i need to come back and get the result at 2.00 pm..oh, att first i felt nervous when the nurse injected the needle into my hand, but then, i keep on my hand...if i am afraid of that little pain, how can i handle the bigger pain while delivering the baby then..huhu...gulp..

at 2l00. i came back to the coinic... obtained the resukt and then setel whatever need to be setel. i havent meet the doctor yet today since there were too mant will ge schedule to come back on 31st januay 2013..

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