Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I feel so sleepy rite now..but still keen to type a few lines of stories for today.. i went to the clinic again today, to register as a mom-t0-be and have a few normal check-up. my hubby accompanied me to the clinic, since this is my first time going there..i mean the maternity section..first, they checked my urine, which i pee this morning into a small 50 cent hubby and i went to the 100 % store last nite, just to find this container..

The nurses were quite nice to me, especially when one of the nurses who checked on me recognized me as a daughter of their chief...who have been dad is famous in the clinic...they gave me lots of advices, and checked on my blood, abdomen, eyes and not forgotten..the breasts..from now on, i might need to throw away the feeling of embarrassed..huhu..

since the blood machine had problem, i need to come back and get the result at 2.00 pm..oh, att first i felt nervous when the nurse injected the needle into my hand, but then, i keep on my hand...if i am afraid of that little pain, how can i handle the bigger pain while delivering the baby then..huhu...gulp..

at 2l00. i came back to the coinic... obtained the resukt and then setel whatever need to be setel. i havent meet the doctor yet today since there were too mant will ge schedule to come back on 31st januay 2013..

Monday, 17 December 2012

Reborn again..

So here I my blog. I'm not sure for how many times I have been re-creating and re-creating my blogs. Seems like I can't even stick to one blog for a long time. Once I feel bored,  deleted or closed the blogs. Well, the reason is, I am not a blogger. That's obvious, rite? I am just a person who loves to write or type down my saying or stories so that people will read it online. I am just a 'guest' to this world of blogging. I was once had this beautiful blog, via friendster. I think that one was the most 'commited' blog I ever wrote. After I deleted my Friendster's account, the blog also said bye-bye to me.

Actually, I am still in a lazy mode today. I do have a few reading and things to be done, but since I feel an extra lazy also a bit 'drunk' today, I don't think I want to do something serious. I can't force myself! Even though my supervisor for the Doctorate program I am enrolling now always lingering in my mind, I am still can't focus.

I created this blogs, especially for celebrating my joy for successfully got pregnant! Yes...I am pregnant!..My tiny baby is 6 weeks and 2 days now. I can't belief this at first, but Allah knows when to give this kind of precious gift to someone. So, most of my posts for the next 8 months will probably most related to my future baby :) my junior...

Until today, I am not having any morning or late evening sickness. But, I can sense that I tends to be come choozy in food selction. And, not to mention, I hate red onion so much! Feel like to throw all of them outside the kitchen window..huhu...I hate the smell and by thinking on them only make me want to puke..urgghh....

Rite now, my head begin to spin, there are a smelly odour on the pillow.. maybe because of the perfume I accidently sprayed last nite. Urgh...My stomacch begin to craving for something more delicious than what I have in my cream...chocolate...canai...well...its not me want to eat it..its my poor baby..hehe...

Anyza is lazy now...i never feel this kind of laziness in my entirely life. Allah help me to enhance my harworking mode...Feel a bit tense thinking about my Doctorate study...why am I applying it before? Hahaha...Okay..stop this nonsense. Just to be honest... I feel a bit scared of my supervisor...haha...she's so strict but, I know it was for my own good. And I knew that I havent done anything super duper for my thesis. I dont even sure whether I have a keen to finish it on time...hmm...

Okay then, the stories will be continues.